AKU is a professional cleaning and housekeeping service solutions company

Housekeeping Services

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AKU provides skilled part-time and fulltime Housekeeping Services for various industries. Our part-time base rate is (16,000 Ks) for three hours of service for two housekeepers. This service is ideal for small to medium size businesses that does not require full time staff. Our full time housekeeping service rates vary on the type of service and industry. We recommend a free scheduled visit from our service team to get the right resources at the best contract price.

Professional Cleaning Services

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We have the knowledge, the know-how and the experience to provide you with your professional cleaning needs. From regular affordable deep cleaning services to factory floor cleaning, window cleaning, warehouse cleaning services by the professional trained staff and their full commitment to the quality and the standards to exceed your expectations. Please call us for the service quotation and the best contract rate. Call us at 09-784 788888 and our service team is ready to assist you today.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning Services

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AKU also provides the top of the line carpet cleaning service for your home, office and other carpeting. Carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services start at (900 Ks) per square feet, depending on the conditions and the scope of work. Regular scheduled services are also available as well. Our floor cleaning and polishing services start at (100 Ks – 500ks) per square feet. Call us to today for a free survey.